Welcome to physics class! Today we will be covering real equations and their application. What you see pictured here is a literal equation that I created alongside an actual physicist.


Our intention was to create something that could uniquely and accurately detail the equation for love. Yes, you read that right! We have unlocked the secrets and quantified the data. Now it's up to you to do the math and solve the equation for love!

People often ask me what my favorite art piece is currently. My answer: “This one right up there, no doubt! Besides who doesn’t love love?!”


Enjoy exploring the equation and referencing the art card with the cheat sheet. But don't worry, I promise that there won't be a quiz given if we ever meet in person.

- Grant

Version 1.0 is completely sold out. Version 2.0 (Pictured Here) will likely follow suit, so don't hesitate to pick up a copy for yourself asap! Be on the look out for the 3.0 version coming soon!

Originals are created with mixed media techniques.  

Mathematical curve that can actually create a heart!

Air, something we also can not live without

Infinity or as close to it as one can get

Derivative equation for "I LOVE YOU"


"WANT" or "I WANT"

Squeeze theory for "A Squeeze" or Hug

Explosive portion of a bomb, no longer connected, so not dangerous!

Atom bomb theory
where it all began, but not what made it go boom (otherwise known as his theory of relativity)

Most dangerous equation

"Jenny's song"

8675-309 go ahead, sing it!

“I love you and want a squeeze forever or as close to Infinity as I can get”

Available sizes:

(all sizes are canvas size, please add 2 inch for framing)

8 x 10

23 x 30

33 x 40

40 x 60

All pieces are limited edition.

Please contact us for price quotes and offers.