You will receive the image you see, but the original dictionary / atlas or music sheet page it is printed on will be different.However please note the words on top of pages will vary but always be related to the image!.In short think of each print you purchase as a one of a kind and when it arrives it’s like a surprise in a Cracker Jack box.The frame is not included. You will receive the print only.

Counting Sheep - AW00020

SKU: AW00020
  • The pages are approximately 8" x 11" inches ( 20.3 cm x 28 cm) . All artwork can be framed in an 8" x 10” window box frame and is mounted on an 8.5 x 11 acid free vellum card stock which not only gives you room to cut and make suitable for framing, but protects the art work from turning black up to 160 years and gives it great elasticity!

    About Counting Sheep :

    This is a piece about individuality of coarse some are actually called " The Black Sheep " when families find one who does not conform . Hence its a bit flipped on its ear ...but none the less here is to being different.