ALL duplicate art prints are created on one of a kind authentic Dictionary , World atlas and or Sheet Musics most commonly up to 19 years old . Saved from water damage , fire damage and spine broken books sent to us from all over the United States . 

Please allow up to 10 business days for your merchandise to arrive . 

Thank you for your interest and kind support !! 

Pure Imagination

  • This iconic art piece is now as of June 1st UNTIL December 31st 2021  going to be YOUR own chance at a GOLDEN TICKET  !!! We are going to be placing 5 seperate golden tickets at random ( WE WILL NOT EVEN KNOW WHICH PACKAGE CONTAINS THE TICKETS ) and IF you are lucky enough to win one of those tickets YOU will reiceve a 22x28 painted orignal with your image starring in the piece itself . Signed and Numbered with a special art card !! All we can say is GOOD LUCK TO YOU if you buy one of these prints from the U.S to Japan , to Mexico , Canada and more . 

    Oh the places and wonders that await you visually , in your wildest dreams could you have ever imagined ????