The pages are approximately 8" x 11" inches ( 20.3 cm x 28 cm) . All artwork can be framed in an 8" x 10” window box frame and is mounted on an 8.5 x 11 acid free vellum card stock which not only gives you room to cut and make suitable for framing, but protects the art work from turning black up to 160 years and gives it great elasticity!

The Farce Snoopy - AW00303

  • This was a piece I mulled over for a long time until getting it right ...amazingly it came from the inspiration of the childrens song " Old Mc Donald had a farm E.I..E.I .O  " What is sad and interesting is the lyric said HAD a farm...what ever did happen to his farm ?  I suppose we grow up as snoopy and woodstock have found out ...and its not always a fair realization where life is concerned...and in case you wondered what the E.I ..E.I .O might have stood for ..perhaps as Yoda would put it " END INNOCENCE OF" ... . Hence THE FARCE .