This is a 5 piece wall art that comes with original paper usually from 1942, or 125 years old . PLEASE NOTE ...ALL tryptics come UNFRAMED . 

The Love Bomb - AW_T002

  • The Love Bomb piece is created around the tactics used in WWII in bombing campaigns by England, Germany and the U.S. based on a unilateral pact that any force would bomb NO century-old buildings. America adopted this policy in a unique way to send a message to the enemy. Bomb casings filled with sand and hearts would be strategically dropped through windows or near these century-old buildings and written on the hearts was the message “We could bomb this is we wanted to! Love America”. The Love Bomb nowadays represents harmony and delivering love more than tactics of war. Even if they say, “Love is a Battlefield”. Originals are created with mixed media techniques.