As a literary piece this work speaks to the scarcity of paper sources as reading materials and references will eventually be gone, a la Fahrenheit 451. Eventually ALL public libraries shall do away with paper dictionaries and encyclopedias and switch to a computerized format. The books themselves often times end up in the trashcan or are destroyed. This obviously shows how scarce real-time paper materials can and would become eventually where only the privileged could get their hands on them.

Originals are created with mixed media techniques.

Available sizes:

(all sizes are canvas size, please add 2 inch for framing)


All pieces are limited edition.

Please contact us for price quotes and offers.


8.5 x 33

10 x 38

5 ft in length

8 ft in length

8 x 10

23 x 30

33 x 40

40 x 60

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